How to start UMLet?
On which platforms does UMLet run?
Screenshots: Stand-alone: Windows - Linux - OS X
Screenshots: Eclipse-Plugin: Windows - Linux - OS X

UMLet doesn't start - what should I do?
How to start UMLet as Eclipse-Plugin?
I get the message "Problem opening Wizard" in Eclipse
How to run UMLet on OS X?

How to start UMLet with a file argument?
How to open UMLet's "uxf"-files with a double-click in Windows?

How to add elements to the diagram?
How to duplicate elements on the diagram?
How to select multiple elements?
How to lasso-select multiple elements?

How to change UML elements?
How to enter comments in a UML element description?
How to change the color of UML elements?

How to copy the current diagram to the clipboard for graphical export?
How to export diagrams to other file formats?
How to use UMLet to batch-convert files into other formats like pdf?

How to create relationships?
How to edit the type of relationships?
How to edit the direction of relationships?
How to label relationships?

How to create sequence diagrams?
How to create connections in sequence diagrams?

Can I create code from UMLet's ".uxf"-files?
How does UMLet's "uxf"-file format work?

How to create my own UML element palettes?
How to create my own custom UML elements?
How to share my custom UML elements with others?

Where is the source code?
Who is developing UMLet?
How to get notified if a new UMLet version is available?