Here are some sample UML diagrams created with UMLet, with screenshots and UMLet-uxf-files (a simple XML-file format).

Please notify if you find any syntax errors.

You are invited to send us further sample diagrams (or even UML poems); we'd gladly publish them on this site. Send the UMLet-file, along with both a large and a small screenshot to To create the large screenshot just use the "Save as JPEG" option in UMLet; to create the small one, shrink the image to 20% of its original size.

UMLet UML Tutorial:
NOTE: (*) Some of the uxf-files on this site can be opened only with the new version 4 of UMLet.

Class Diagram classdiagram.uxf
 Abstract classesabstractclasses.uxf
 Active class *activeclass.uxf
Object Diagram objectdiagram.uxf
Package Diagram packagediagram.uxf
Activity Diagram * activitydiagram.uxf
 Signals *signals.uxf
Use Case Diagram usecasediagram.uxf
State Machine Diagram * statemachinediagram.uxf
Sequence Diagram * sequencediagram.uxf
Collaboration Diagram collaborationdiagram.uxf